Working Hard for the Money

Born in the Washington, D.C. area politics and media (Sunday Shows!) were a constant in my formative years and lead to a career path spanning both industries. In 1995, the opportunity to move West and pioneer projects on the Internet led to new opportunities in the same fields. I’m now a regular commuter between Washington, DC and Washington State.

My Professional Bio

  • Cyrus with Arianna Huffington and Mark Penn
  • Krohns with Bushes
  • Krohns and Obamas
  • Cyrus and Ron Paul

  • Krohnlets

The Krohn Zone

While my father was fighting in the Vietnam War my mother raised me in Northern Virginia before giving birth to three more boys. Two of her children gave birth to four more boys before the first granddaughter arrived. Split between Seattle, Vail and Florida the family can plan reunions around rain, snow or sun.

Meet the Family

Life is short. Play hard.

Physical exertion is an important part of life balance through team, individual and recreational sport. Whether athletic or adventure based the excursions from the Eastern Seaboard to Rocky Mountains to Puget Sound have provided pleasure beyond words.

Come Join the fun

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